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Dear Colleague,

We return in 2019, to the site of one of our finest conferences, The Guesthouse at Graceland Hotel in Memphis TN.  When we were there in May of 2018, it was sooooo enjoyable that everyone (including my mom, below) said we should return ASAP; and so we ARE !

Bob, listen to your mother! Go back to the Guesthouse at Graceland in Memphis or you're grounded !

People loved the hotel and its great food. They loved it being only 1.5 blocks from Elvis’ Graceland Mansion and right across the street from the Elvis museum. They loved the 4-Diamond luxury of the hotel’s rooms, amenities, pools, restaurants and bars; and they loved the free internet, the free R/T airport shuttles and the free parking at the hotel. They also loved the R/T shuttles from the hotel down to Beal St. and back, provided gratis, by FOCUS.

We at Focus loved the outstanding meeting facilities, the hotel room rate of $149 p/n and the free internet and parking. We loved that this hotel has 4-Diamond status and how our attendees were so well taken care of by the hotel staff in May of 2018.

Academically, I can tell you that Respiratory Therapists, Sleep Technologists and Pulmonary Function Technologists will get to hear the very best speakers in the country while earning 12-15 credits.  RT, Sleep & PFT lectures will be approved for CRCEs by the AARC while our sleep lectures (only) will be approved for CSTEs & CECs.

We’ll have our reception in the exhibit hall with free drinks, food and door prizes - then, later that evening, we’ll enjoy our annual comedy show featuring three fantastic comedians. The next day (Saturday) we’ll feature breakfast and lunch in the exhibit hall.

And remember, attendees can bring their “significant-other” to attend with them, (enjoying all events and lectures if they wish; but no CEUs) ) for only $100 – a low fee that will allow many to bring their partner so as to make a “mini-getaway” vacation to Memphis out of the conference. Remember too, that you can attend for only 1 day if that’s all you can get away for and still earn 6-8 credits in just one day. (1-day registration fee - $175).

Our track of PFT lectures will be especially strong this year and PFT technologists will be able to earn 15 credits specific to pulmonary diagnostics from such speakers as Gregg Ruppel, Carl Mottram, Neil MacIntyre, Matt O’Brian, Jeff Hayes, Jim Sullivan and Katrina Hynes – the nation’s finest speakers in Pulmonary Diagnostics, all at one conference.

Yes, FOCUS returns to Memphis in September of 2019.  Consider staying over Saturday night or coming in a day or two earlier to tour Elvis’s Graceland Mansion and/or the Elvis Museum. The hotel is extending our special $149 p/n rate to 3 days before the conference and 3 days afterward, so seize the opportunity and join us ! Meanwhile, you may get some good tips on how to get reimbursed by your employer from the article below.



Bob Miglino RRT BSRT MPS - FOCUS Conference Chairman