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Below are the handouts for lectures being presented at the FOCUS 2019 Conference. They'll become live and accessible to you on September 15th, 2019. Our speakers were kind enough to give us their full PowerPoint presentations. As such, they are the full presentations comprised of proprietary research developed into formal presentations. Please do not utilize these PowerPoints for any reason except to print out as handouts to have during the presentation itself and to have as notes afterward. These presentations will only be available on the FOCUS website until October 15th, 2019 and will not be available at the conference. Scroll down below the lecture handouts to see the OBJECTIVES for each lecture.


Lecture 1 - Michael McPeck RRT FAARC
Aerosol Delivery During Mechanical Ventilation

Lecture #2 - Thom Petty BS RRT
Transpulmonary Pressure Guided Ventilation

Lecture #3 - Kenneth Miller MEd, MSRT, RRT-ACCS, NPS, AE-C, FAARC
Pressure Injuries During Invasive & Non-Invasive Ventilation

Lecture #4  - Neil MacIntyre MD FAARC
Using Waveforms to Optimize ARDS Management

Lecture #5 - Kenneth Miller MEd, MSRT, RRT-ACCS, NPS, AE-C, FAARC
Highly Infectious Respiratory Diseases

Lecture 6 - Thom Petty BS RRT
Volumetric Capnography

Lecture 7 - Ken Miller MEd, MSRT, RRT-ACCS, NPS, AE-C, FAARC
Sepsis: The Spiral of Doom

Lecture 8 - Thom Petty BS RRT
ARDS Pathophysiology & Non-Ventilatory Therapies

Lecture 9 - Ken Miller MEd, MSRT, RRT-ACCS, NPS, AE-C, FAARC
Managing Retained Secretions

Lecture 10 – Anthony Asciutto RRT
Building Relationships with Physicians

Lecture 11 - Michael McPeck RRT FAARC
Worth Its Salt - Hypertonic Saline Treatments Revisited

Lecture 12 - Anthony Asciutto RRT
Disruptive Behavior – A Threat to Patient Safety


Lecture #1 - Kathryn Hansen R.EEG T CPC
The Use of Sleep Aides in Our Society

Lecture #2 - David Rapoport MD  
OSA – Whom Should We Treat

Lecture #3 - Rochelle Goldberg MD
Sleep In Women Thru the Ages

Lecture #4 - David Rapoport MD
CPAP and Variants – How do They Work  

3:10pm - Lecture #5 - David Rapoport MD
How To Do CPAP and Bi-Level Titrations – Practical Issues

Lecture 6 - Rochelle Goldberg MD
Insufficient Sleep – Macho No More

Lecture 7 - Jose Colon MD
The Fundamental Nature of Movement, Nutrition, and Sleep

Lecture 8 - Rochelle Goldberg MD
Hospital Sleep Medicine – Saving Lives and Health Care Costs

Lecture 9 - Jose Colon MD
Dreams and the Science of Nightmares

Lecture 10 – Christopher Hart MD
Oral Appliances in Today’s Treatment of OSA and Snoring  

Lecture 11 - Jose Colon MD
An Integrative Approach to Treating Sleep Disorders

Lecture 12 - Kathryn Hansen R.EEG T CPC
Marketing Your Sleep Lab and its Services


Lecture 1 – Plethysmographic Lung Volume & Airway Resistance Measurement
Jim Sullivan RPFT BS

Lecture 2 – Using and Abusing Predicted Values in the PFT Lab
Gregg Ruppel MEd, RRT, RPFT

Lecture 3 - Matt O’Brien RRT RPFT FAARC
Lab Economics – Why Optimizing Productivity Matters in the PFT Lab

Lecture 4 – Gregg Ruppel MEd, RRT, RPFT
Testing for Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm

Lecture 5 - Carl Mottram RRT, RPFT, FAARC, and Katrina Hynes RPFT
PFT Lab Accreditation Readiness Part 1 - The On-Site Visit & Mechanical Models

Lecture 6 - Carl Mottram RRT, RPFT, FAARC, and Katrina Hynes RPFT
PFT Lab Accreditation Readiness Part 2 - Biological Control Subjects & Reporting Requirements

Lecture 7 – Neil MacIntyre MD
The Six Minute Walk Test and O2 Titration Testing

Lecture 8 - Jim Sullivan RPFT BS
The Finer Points of Pulmonary Function Testing

Lecture 9 - Neil MacIntyre MD
DLCO – Getting with the ATS/ERS Guidelines

Lecture 10 - Jeff Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC
Spirometry - Getting with the ATS/ERS Guidelines

Lecture 11 - Katrina Hynes RPFT
Therapist Driven Protocols in the PF Lab

Lecture 12 - Matt O’Brien RRT RPFT FAARC and Jeff Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC
Controversies in Pulmonary Function Testing - Pro/Con

Lecture 13 - Matt O’Brien RRT RPFT FAARC
Broncho-Provocation/Methacholine Challenges – Getting with the ATS/ERS Guidelines

Lecture 14 - Carl Mottram RRT RPFT FAARC
High Altitude Simulation Testing in the PFT Laboratory

Lecture 15 - Jeff Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC
So You Think You Can Diagnose Asthma